Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Zookeeper Goes Seussical

{For those that are part of my CafeMom world - sorry it needed to make the trip over here!}
This is not good. This is not right.
The children have gone to bed for the night.
It's way to early for this state.
Maybe someone can relate.

All day the battles raged and roared.
Zoom went the toys and slam went the door.
Best of friends they used to be.
What has changed I cannot see!

"But it's MY turn!" she hollered out.
"No, it's NOT." I heard him shout.
"No, No! Mum, Mum!" the baby chimed.
As the dog stared at me and whined.

And then the crying with a high pitched screech
She didn't make it out of his reach.
Teapot to the head, a hand full of hair
I'll never take them anywhere!

But tomorrow morn the sun will rise
My little terrors will open eyes
"It's church day!" she'll beam and spring from bed
"Mornin' Mom!" from my little tow head.

"Hi Mum Mum!" the babe will say.
And so we'll start a brand new day.
"Dear Lord," I pray with all my heart
"Please don't let more rukus start!"

"My head of glass no more can bear
The clawing, scratching and pulling hair.
Wash my home with peace and love

Or I'll be forced to send them to you above!!"


LaniBee said...

You rock, mama!! Hope tomorrow is a better, brighter day for the zookeeper!!