Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zoo Randomness

How to ride out a Tornado Warning/Watch cycle.

So the storm finally reached us. I have to say I'm very glad. We are in such a drought that 2 days of rain like this is a real blessing. I could do without the wind and the tornado warnings but I'll survive. So today when the EAS went off on the TV we decided that the best way to distract ourselves was to get out the good old playdough. This way we weren't watching the storm outside but we were close enough to the stairs that we could get down to the playroom if things got ugly. So I share with you a rare and random glimpse inside the Zoo.

I promise! He's not a violent Rhino! He just takes his playdough seriously!

This was Marmoset's first playdough experience. It got pretty interesting!

Moooom! I'm not done yet!

Doesn't it look like a leaf to you?! Really?! I saw it right off!

Ahhh! Now we have some fun! Ummm, baby, you don't want to eat that!

Yeah, kiddo. Not yummy at all! Let's not do that again huh?

And what was the Zookeeper doing during all this? Other than taking pictures?

Imagining how quiet it would be if the Zoo looked like this!


lanibee said...

We made "chex mix" and watched the water rising in the back yard!! Love the snails!!

Drama queens mum said...

We had tons of rain this Summer up here in New England. Finally we're having some sunny weather. Figures now that Summer is over.