Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh, the Posts of Days Gone By...

I was suffering from some writer's block this morning so I went back to some of my older posts and read for a while to try to spark something. I actually laughed at myself in a few of those. Which makes me wonder what happened but that's another day. Everyone get out your Wayne's World fingers because we are going back in time.

Doodle lee Doot. Doodle lee Doot. Doodle lee Doot.

Mom Tip #18 - Just Laugh!

Mom Tip #29 - You May Call me Elvis. This is Lion's favorite post

Mom Tip #41 - Never Clean During PMS Weak Stomach Warning!

Mom Tip #54 - Motherhood is Gross! Another WSW.

How to Tell you're a Grown Up!

Someday I'll get back to that kind of writing. Thanks for hanging with me until I do. Zoo fans Rock!



Jennifer said...

You rock too!

Alisha said...

haha, good tips! And good laughs! I do agree. All mothers SHOULD shower at night. I never got the logic of bathing kids in the morning either. Yes, they are clean for the day ... but really ... they just dirty themselves up before the day is done, and the sheets get dirtier faster ... hmmm ...

now I am rambling.