Monday, August 3, 2009

The Marmoset has hit the Radar!

And with a giant SPLAT at that!

See she used to be "the good one." Orangutan and Rhino could be having a knock down drag out war and she would be sitting quietly with a toy or her blanket. The two big ones would trash the playroom and she would be sitting in a corner with some blocks.

That all changed this weekend.

I accidentally took a nap on Friday for the first time all summer. She took the opportunity to find a ball point pen (probably the only one that worked in our house) and pull a Picasso on the back of our taupe microfiber armchair. And we're not talking about a small smiley face. Nope. Full on mural stuff!

Saturday was mostly without incident. Or I haven't found any evidence yet.

Then yesterday she pulled out all the stops. Lion and I were watching some golf from the couch and she was downstairs playing with Oranugtan and Rhino. Lion got up for a drink and walked through the dining room. A certain Marmoset had slipped up the stairs with a teal marker and "repainted" the yellow dining room wall. At least the bottom four feet. Thankfully it was washable marker and we caught it as soon as it happened.

Surely she was done, right? We got through the rest of the evening without incident and I put everyone to bed. Marmie wasn't having it so she got up and was hanging out with Lion playing with dolls. I came to the office to return some e-mail and was about to call it a night when I heard, "What have you done?!?!?!?!" This was quickly followed with "Honey! Come up here!!"

I walked up the stairs looking for yet another mural but none was to be found. I worked my way down the hall until I came to our bedroom and then our bathroom. Marmie was standing in the doorway looking down. Lion was standing in the middle of the room looking down with his mouth hanging open.

A tube of open and now half empty apricot face wash. A tube of open hair gel only a quarter empty. The face wash was everywhere from the counter to the cabinet and scrubbed into the carpet. The hair gel was limited to the edge of the counter and some in the carpet. Apparently she had been busted before she could really get styling.

I have to say she has been apologetic after every event - not that that helps that much. I have managed to restore everything except the chair. But it is clear that Marmie is on the radar as Princess Destructo. This will thrill her fellow exhibits to no end. Maybe they will be able to get away with some stuff again if I'm distracted.

In the meantime, my bathroom is showing significantly reduced pores and full bodied carpet!


Fer said...

Ahhh, an artist like my Isabelle, who has managed to destroy every eyeliner and tube of mascara that have entered into this house over the past few years. The top of our fridge is a hodge podge of diaper rash cream, pens, crayons, scissors, tape, ointment, and nail polish. All things she has tried to redecorate herself or her sisters with. Even dinner is art - she painted her sandwhich with yogurt tonight.

Oh, and I'm so jealous of your bathroom...

Wyndi said...

Christine used to use my makeup to Paint her bedroom screen with. did you know that lipstick won't come out of mesh screens?
Bill found out the hard way to not fall asleep in front of the TV is Christine was awake. she had lots of fun painting his fingers, making "daddy look like Mommy". LOL. And her favorite thing to do to him was shave his legs with mommy's razor. ~ never drew blood either.
as for your chair, try aerosol hairspray not the pump, then steam clean it. Should get it out.