Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mom Tip #9: Make a Date!

Last night was date night. Oh, not for the Lion and the Zookeeper! I should be so lucky!

Nope. Lion had another date last night. He and Orangutan went to the Father Daughter Dance at OAT. I got several very interesting reports when they got home.

ZK (that's me!): So Daddy! How was your date?
Lion: (straight face looking over top of his glasses) Our daughter can eat.
ZK: Well, um, yeah?
Lion: No. I mean she can EAT!
ZK: Do tell.

Apparently the dancing part wasn't as big of a draw for our little Orangutan as (to quote her) "A BUNCH of absolutely delicious food like the Sprite, and the chicken, and the rolls and the cake! I had my cake and Daddy shared his! And I had Orange Sprite too!" Really? I never would have known but for the fact that I have to try to follow your conversation as you ricochet around the room.

There was only one dance apparently. Something about "I Don't Wanna Be a Duck." Other than that it was all about the food.

I wasn't without a date though. The Rhino and Marmoset took me to ZS 1 (Zoo Suburbia 1 - only on screen at this theater) and let me watch The Music Man while they jumped on me and both dogs and populated the entire carpet with popcorn.

I'm pretty sure I'm about to state the obvious but I'll say it anyway. It was a pretty early night here at Zoo Suburbia.


Fer said...

How sweet =) We're about to re-initiate date nights around here.

Heather said...

We really need to start having dates with Tiny if only so the other parent can have some time away from her! You're lucky you could convince the Lion to go to a dance because that would be a losing battle in this house.