Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mom Tip #59: Silence is NOT Golden!

It is golden, coated in platinum, studded with diamonds and dipped in chocolate!

Someone asked the question a while back "What do you wish someone had told you before you became a mom?" I wish they would have told me that there would never be a quiet moment ever again. I would have stopped talking and just sat and listened to silence and memorized what it sounds like.

We just got back from taking our bachelor neighbor to the train to go to the airport. Understand that this is not the first time Neighbor has ridden in the livestock trailer but it is the first time he has done this long of a stretch. Something tells me he won't be volunteering for carpool duty anytime soon.

Marmoset started the whole ride with, "C'mon R! C'mon!" That would be my fault. When I'm ready to go somewhere and the exhibits are loaded I want everyone in and moving out of the garage.

Then Rhino started to tell us a story about a "Heycocter (helicopter)" that was delivering wood to our house for a doghouse for the dog. The dog only weighs 20 lbs. I'm wondering just what kind of house he is building that calls for a helicopter to deliver the wood! I might move in with the dog.

Then we snagged the Orangutan and got the run down of her day for another 15 minutes. Then Orangutan and Rhino took turns playing "repeat after me" with Marmoset under the guise of "teaching her how to talk." Trust me! She doesn't need any lessons!

By the time we got to the train station Neighbor was so ready to get out of the van that he had his door open before I stopped. No one has ever been seen fleeing from my vehicle before. I wish I would have had the video camera. Large male with over stuffed garment back and carry on duffel seen fleeing minivan with his hands over his ears screaming , "Make it stop!!" He might have been crying but his face was a bit of a blur so I can't be sure about it.

As if I hadn't had enough I decided that a trip to the grocery store was necessary. And of course got commentary on why every sweet and salty anything was a good idea for snack today. I think the bag boy who helped us out to the car may have had the same face as Neighbor but again, he was moving too fast to tell.

Even now as I sit here in my office (which adjoins the playroom) there is a cacophony of ruckus over who is eating who's snack and who wants to watch which cartoons. And before you mention how wonderful bedtime is, refer to Rhino's Sleeping Standoff. They aren't even quiet then!


Jennifer said...

I so understand. And one of mine doesn't really even talk yet.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Motherhood ain't for the weak at heart! You gotta be TOUGH if you wanna hang with MY crew, yo.

H.E.Eigler said...

Mine is an only child who can barely speak and she still manages to argue with the cat. Help me when a sibling comes along!

Kristen said...

I told my husband the other day that a great gift would be a quiet hotel room, by myself, for one whole night and day. I'd probably go crazy with how quiet it would be or more likely with my luck, I'd be put next to a loud little family just like mine and not get a moments rest :)

Victoria Arya said...

I my oldest has gotten older I have realized that silence generally means I am going to walk into a room filled with toys, lotion smeared everywhere and my daughter going "I'm washing..." UGGGG.

One hotel night with all the coke zero, chocolate and books I wanted sounded like heaven.