Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mom Tip #45

Even SuperMom has bonehead moments.

And when I say “bonehead,” I mean all out brain fart!

How many millions of times have I told the children to “keep the water IN the tub?” It could be the rinse cup. It could be the bath toys. It could be the washcloth or even their hands but they always – and I mean ALWAYS – manage to get water all over the floor. I have sat right beside the tub from start to finish on a bath and we still end up with mystery water on the floor. I don’t know how but it has happened.

And what about the shower head? We have one that you can pull down and aim and that is how the bigger kids get their baths. They think running from the rinse cup is an Olympic sport and take their training seriously. I have finally broken their training spirit with the shower head so they just stand still and let the rinse cycle happen. But if I put it down for even a minute that is an engraved invitation to start attempting to spray one another which ends in – you guessed it! – water all over the bathroom floor.

Tonight we were almost done. There hadn’t been any screaming. Well, there was that moment when Munch did her business in the tub and freaked Mo out but I digress. Everyone made it through bath without getting soap in their eyes and I was finishing the rinse cycle on Mo. Then it happened. My crowning bonehead moment.

I stood up to put the shower head back on the mount. Did I turn the water off first? Did I at least turn the shower head off first? That would be “No” on both accounts. I aimed it straight at my face and lifted it up. Soaked. From my forehead to my knees. And now there is water on the floor. Was there any water on the floor before my brain fart? I couldn’t tell you because the deluge of water that I unleashed on the bathroom wiped out any prior evidence.

The next time your jaw drops because of a lapse in judgment on your own part, just smile and tell yourself “I’m entitled.”



Sissy said...

I wish I were laughing out of pure "what kind of idiot..." but instead I've peed myself because I do that at least once a week. and that's not counting the incidents with the sprayer in the kitchen sink!

5BabyBees said...

Uh Huh!! I, too, battle the water demons on a nightly basis!! And, mind you, I have a 12 yr old!! LOL

Fear not, little zoo keeper ... we moms are not so delicate as to melt in the rain! And think of it this way - you probably were needing a little shower of delicate sprinkles to "freshen up" anyway ... right?!

Carole said...

I've always warned my DD about standing or leaning on the side of the tub because it gets very slippery when it's wet. Well you would think some of that warning would have penetrated my own brain, cause who do you think kneeled on the side of the tub and slipped and fell in the full bathtub? Give ya a hint - it wasn't DD... :-P
I feel your pain.

Bethany said...

I do that all the time..