Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Either I Missed Something...

Or Rhino's teachers are little truth stretchers.

How in the world did a child who could barely sit much less pay attention in class suddenly become a star pupil?

I mean it! What happened to my child?

Two weeks ago, I was crying myself to sleep because I just knew he was going to get himself kicked out of school - and he's not even in Kindergarten yet! Lion and I were walking him in so that we could have conferences with the teacher daily. I was headed to the school at 11 AM because they would need me to pick him up for behavior issues.

We put him on a behavior chart last Monday and he did fabulous. He had two weeks to get it together so we put the chart back in this week.

I went to Curriculum Night tonight and his teachers just raved about his complete turnaround and his great willingness to participate and cooperate.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled, delighted, ecstatic and about to just pop with glee.

I'm also praying that what has been done will not one morning wake up undone just because the switch flipped back again.

I should take consolation though, right? I mean if he's getting all this lunacy out of the way now, I won't have to deal with it when he's a teenage boy sandwiched between two teenage girls, right?


Jennifer said...

I think part of it could have been just the change itself of going to school. Olivia's first week was really iffy... I was shocked that she got in trouble almost every day. But the second week was much better. Hopefully now that it's old hat to Rhino, he'll keep up the good work =)

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Kids sure can surprise us, huh?

Amanda said...

The first month of school is always the toughest for us. My son isn't comfortable enough at school with his new teacher yet to be himself, so he has a terrible attitude when he gets home. Once he evens out it's better for everyone.