Monday, March 9, 2009

The Wear Them Out Plan Backfired


Why do I keep doing this? I tackle projects and involve my children in hopes of absolutely wearing them out to the point that their little bodies collapse in small sweaty heaps for hours at a time without so much as a thud when they go down. And it never seems to work.

Know who goes down with a HUGE thud? Me. The Mom. The one who is supposed to be able to get vast amounts of things done while they are knocked out.

Hit the old backyard today to clean up leaves left over from last fall and start the spring cleanup. Rhino and Marmoset were supposed to be outside playing in the fresh air and getting all worn out. They sat in lawn chairs and discussed what a "lovely day" (and no I am not lying - I wish I could make this stuff up!) it was outside and how "darling" the birds were. Backfire #1.

Then we ate lunch and cleaned the Rhino exhibit while Marmoset napped and before we knew it it was time to snag Orangutan from school. Ah hah! My second chance! We'll pop by the park on our way home and since it's not that breezy some running to get the kites off the ground should be just what I need to finish them off. And some sliding and swinging and just general running in circles.

They aren't even showing signs of surrender. I, on the other hand, have stiff back and shoulders, a throbbing, popping knee, blisters on my hands and can barely keep my eyes open. Did I mention that I smell like the garbage truck that backed over me last week?

This is me waving my white flag. Except from the smell of the child who just passed me I might do better to cover my nose and mouth with it. Ahhh, the joys of motherhood.


TheXMom said...

I am so with you... I had way too many extras today.. and I'm beat.

Fer said...

I feel you. I've been trying to read this book hoping it will give me some clue how to get my kids to sleep and it told me to put them to bed earlier. Sure, yeah, OK. All that did was extend my torture another half hour. I'm burning the stupid book.

Ragmansdaughter said...

Fer, don't burn the book. Read it to them. Maybe it will bore them to sleep.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I can never burn mine out. I'm usually half dead before they so muchh as sit down.