Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moms of the World - Come out of your Bathrooms!

What has become of us? Mothers who have been relegated to hiding out in their bathrooms for just a few moments of peace. We try to fake them out like we're really doing "something" in there but they know we aren't. And yet we continue to call our bathrooms our sanctuaries.

What is wrong with us? Wasn't there a better room? Of all places - the bathroom! And you know that you really aren't getting any peace in there. You are actually sitting there thinking about how gross that scum ring is and eventually you will get up and start to clean it. Don't deny it. I've been in there. I've done the very same thing.

I am on a campaign to free us from our bathrooms. We MUST find a better place to have our peace and quiet. I move that we take over our guest rooms. Then again some of us (me) don't have guest rooms.

Basement? No that's either flooded, full of exercise equipment (thank you, guilt, for killing this one!) or (as is our case) a playroom/pool table/man den.

Garage? Reeks of gasoline and power tools.

Closet? Another organizational nightmare.

Kitchen? Snacks central and everyone will want you to bring something "as long as you're in there."

::Sigh:: So the bathroom it is then. If the TP is on the handle, Do Not Disturb.



Staci said...

Our bathroom would be so much better if it just had a lock. Big sigh!

Jo said...

Ok, I know how weird this is, but I like to hide in my laundry room. I had it painted a beautiful light blue/green colour with a crisp white trim, bought new shiny chrome shelves for cleaning products and put in a new white sink and white timber blinds and ta-da! It's now the nicest room in the house. And I always have an excuse to hide there - I'm just sorting the washing/ tidying the shelves/ wiping out the sink. And seriously, no-one else *ever* wants to go there - so peaceful! When things get really bad I hide some chocolate in the toolbox :)

Ragmansdaughter said...

Hmmmm. Note to self, plan a "laundry room" in the house we build. Thanks for the idea Jo.

Michelle said...

I just need to find a room. They find me in the bathroom. They come looking for me there. I can't USE the restroom in peace much less sit long enough to make a complete thought. Hmmmm...I definitely need a hiding room!