Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How I Love you Huckleberry Hound and Hershey's!

Apparently I am feeling very poetic today. I was strolling through the grocery store snagging some stuffs for dinner and my neighbor's birthday truffles and I started to channel my pal Miranda and Huckleberry Hound. I'm sure Miranda is completely flattered right now.

You can sing along if you like.

Oh my darlin'. Oh my darlin'.
Oh my darlin' Mo Magoo.
You know you're making me quite crazy
Oh my darlin' Mo Magoo.

You make me nutty
You make me loonie
You make me wanna lose my mind
But I guess I have to keep ya
'Cause the doctor says you're mine.

You would think after a trip like that I would resist the temptation to pump the children full of Hershey's Robins Eggs. But how can you turn down a candy that doubles as a cosmetic? (That's for you Cat!)



Fer said...

Now I want some Cadbury Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs. Darn you!

Beautiful lipstick by the way, very Huckleberry.

Jenni Jiggety said...

You look good in blue!

Cat @ 3 Kids and Us said...

LOL I'm just now seeing this post, how late is that?

Love those blue lips. :-)