Thursday, February 12, 2009

Paul Harvey, Ketchup and Cupcakes!

I feel a little like Paul Harvey right now.

I got a lot of comments about how gross Ketchup and Cupcakes sounded. I really feel I should explain that she did not put the ketchup ON the cupcake. And she did not mix the two in anyway.

They had the cupcakes as a late snack yesterday and unbeknownst to me (who was folding ANOTHER load of laundry!) "someone" (read Rhino) had gotten one of the chairs from the dining room table, pushed it into the kitchen, opened the cake safe (in spite of it's side locks) and snagged "seconds."

Do you remember last week when I told you that Silence is NOT Golden? This is me revising that statement to say "Silence is your first warning that SOMETHING is going on!" It was entirely too quiet in the kitchen when the oven timer informed me that the fishsticks were ready.

And that is where the ketchup came into play. But let's not assume that the fishsticks were actually ever put in the ketchup. No. The pan friend potatoes were used as a makeshift spoon to scoop the ketchup up and well, as the picture so aptly demonstrates, SMEAR it all over our face.

Red and blue do NOT make purple! They make a Mess!

And that is the rest of the story. Good Day!