Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Moment of Brutal Honesty!

I am not sure if you are all aware or not but times are tough! Yeah I know! Newsflash from a moron! But I AM going somewhere with this so bear with me. Or move on - that's an option too.

Here is what I am saying. Go for the freebies. My daughter's best friend has a birthday this weekend and I had no gift or a ton of available funds to get a gift. So of course, I was stressing. Then a package arrived on my doorstep yesterday. A few months back I entered a contest on BlogHer. Sure enough I won, forgot that I had entered and suddenly yesterday my prize showed up. It is a write your own Pop Up book kit.

Can we say, "ROCK ON!!" Birthday party problem solved! And of course as always happens when out of the ordinary things happen to me I started thinking. Maybe I should become a product reviewer! Those people get freebies all the time. And usually they get something to giveaway too. So I would get free stuff that I can use, I would get to make people happy and I could drive traffic to any old site I wanted. This of course only happening if I am super successful at my reviewing and people start to look to me as the authority on Mom stuff!

It dawned on me that I have already done one review for Playskool for a Noodleboro game. In my researching to see what it takes to start a review blog, I came across some advice to review things that you already have in your home. I have plenty I could review!

So here I go. I am launching myself out into the world of product review blindly and hoping for some great goodies. It won't be on The Zoo's page however. But there is going to be a link both here and at The Bowl if you want to know what my opinions are.

Wish me luck! And send free stuff!!