Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mom Tip Mini for the Men out There

When you see a woman pushing an overloaded shopping cart with two children in it, her shopping bags and purse hanging off it while the one hand has a tight grip on a large bottle of laundry detergent, do NOT refer to her as "SuperMom" and laugh hysterically.

You are not funny. And should you even think about smirking in her direction as she pushes the cart to the car while 2 bag boys follow her with 2 more carts, be prepared for the laundry detergent to make rapid and repeated impact with your head and various other carefully selected body parts.

Sorry I have to go. The guard is telling me that my internet time is up. I have to go put my huggy jacket back on now.



Jennifer said...

Enjoy your huggy jacket time. =) Now, does this mean all I have to do is assault a stranger with a bottle of Tide to earn my own vacation on the funny farm?

Anonymous said...

I've got some folks to add to the "need beat with a large blunt object" list!

Erin said...

I hear that all the time. Usually as I am pushing a double stroller through an ultra-skinny doorway and using my foot to prop it open as I scoot in backwards and the men just watch in amazement and say "You have your hands full!" i wouldnt if you'd help me OPEN the door, dolt!

Tena said...

just think of all the rest you will get while wearing your huggy jacket!! Actually sounds kinda nice right about now!! HA HA HA!

PeanutMM said...

I haven't had time to come read over here...but I SOOO needed this! Long gone are the midnight runs to Bi-lo, lol! I needed a good laught and I may have you send me the huggy jacket when you are finished with it!