Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Idle Threat

Well, I've posted it everywhere else so it's time. Remember how I was nominated for a Dottie? Remember how I said there were a ton of other people nominated too and I didn't think I would make the final ballot? Remember how I said it was an honor just to be recognized? Well that's a load of CRAP!! I made the ballot and now I want the stinking award!

So do it already! Follow the link and go vote for me. I'll cut you all off. I mean it. Other folks are bribing people with talk of giveaways and funny self depricating videos and stuff like that. Not me! I'm not above good old gangster methods. I'll turn off the Zoo and refuse to post no matter how big you blow up the Inbox (which no one has used yet. Big Losers!) Oh yeah! I'll insult you too. I'm not above being snotty. I learned from the Orangutan so I can hang with the snottiest!

Ok. I'm just kidding about cutting you off. You guys know better than that. I can't go without my Zoo! Who am I kidding! Please? Please will you go vote? I don't have any cool connections to get giveaways yet (though I would from the publicity a Dottie would get me!) and I make a big enough fool of myself in writing without subjecting my already sorry ego to a web cast of my stupidity. I'm not above begging and guilt trips. I have no pride.

So go vote! And while you're there vote for Mrs. Schmitty for the the BlubHer Overhaul under Cheer Captain. She's an incredible motivator and is really doing her part to help women support women.




Mrs. Schmitty said...


Ragmansdaughter said...

This is shameless! So I went and voted. I know that you have so little dignity left, I wanted to do what I could to help you preserve it.

Bethany said...

Okay, I went voted, tried to vote more thany once... but can't. I was willing to cheat for you... What a great friend I am.. LOL