Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Zookeeper's Response

Dear Marmoset,

I have given serious consideration to your predicament. I feel I should tell you that you will be observing a change in Orangutan and S.M. Rhino's exhibit hours in the immediate future.

You see, Orangutan is about to begin a tour unlike any our zoo has seen before. She will be leaving the zoo very early each morning to attend Orangutan academic training. It is quite possible that she will be leaving on tour before your exhibit opens each day. Therefore it will be necessary for her exhibit to close earlier than it has been. Due to the proximity of S.M. Rhino's exhibit to Orangutan's, his exhibit will be closing earlier by default.

This will possibly have a positive and negative impact on you personally. The negative will be that you will find your socialization time with Orangutan significantly shortened. The positive effect will be that you will find exhibit hours to be more fairly enforced. You will also be afforded more socialization time with Rhino and myself.

In regards to the additional "dessert" rations, I believe we can come to an agreement on this matter since dessert time will be moved up in the schedule allowing you to be included.

I appreciate your candor and understanding as the above adjustments are made.

The Zookeeper


Jennifer said...

Ooh, I see some nasty letters coming from the Orangutan and Small Male Rhino soon...