Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Note from the Zoo

{Specifically the Pygmy Marmoset}

Dear Zookeeper,

Some very disturbing information has recently come to my attention. In speaking with Orangutan and S.M. Rhino, I have learned that mine is the only exhibit that is shut down to visitors at 8 PM. I currently have the understanding that not only are Orangutan and Rhino's exhibits open much later than mine, but they are also given additional rations after my exhibit is closed.

I find this to be completely unacceptable. Please be aware that you may continue to close my exhibit early. However, I am very capable of using my high pitched squeal for purposes other than the EHAS (Emergency Hunger Alert System) and it has been known to rouse not only Orangutan and S.M. Rhino but the security dog as well. If you prefer to deal with 3 cranky exhibits and a security system on high alert, by all means continue your discriminatory practices. Should you choose a more peaceful resolution, you will extend my exhibit hours and provide me with this "dessert" that O and S.M have been issued.

I am confident that we can come to a mutually acceptable solution. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

P. Marmoset


Audrey said...

When I"m done at night, I go into my room and I'm off for the night. I close about 8pm too :)

lanib said...

Boy, this marmoset doesn't know how lucky he is ... What I wouldn't give to shut up shop at 8pm!!

Jennifer said...

The Marmoset is lucky... her exibit is open later than Isabelle and Olivia's! Of course the baby makes her own schedule at the moment, unfortunately...