Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mom Tip Mini's (hey they make mini muffins! I can make Mini Tips!)

Some quick lessons I learned all in one day!

Children give great fashion advice – if you don’t take it!
We were going out to get Mo’s new sneakers for school when Tuck gave me a lecture on comfortable shoes.
“Mom, you need to get your shoes too!”
I have my sneaks already Tuck. I don’t need any shoes.
“But they’re not COMFY Mom! You need some REALLY comfy shoes.”
I happen to think these are plenty comfy. Thank you very much.
“Nooo Mom! You need some polka dot sandals because they’re the biggest comfy.”

You have to be really careful with old things.
I was wearing a pair of old boxers (I got them my junior year in high school.)for jammies this morning. Molly noted that they were a bit faded.
“Mom, are those jammies old?”
They sure are Molly.
“So you have to be really careful with them right?”
Well, I guess so. I’d hate to blow the butt out!
“Kind of like Poppie, right?”
Yep, Mo! Kind of like Poppie.

I’m so glad I have my dad on speed dial!

Normal is completely relative.
My sister called me on her way home from work to chat. Bizarre things kept happening and at one point I was afraid she would get into an accident or hyperventilate because she was laughing so hard. I was straight faced and just rolling with each bizarre twist. When she finally caught her breath she said, “So how was your day?”
Just a normal day at the Zoo- if you call Raid before 8 am, boxer conversations, polka dot sandals, random nudity and wormy apples normal.
“For your house? Completely normal!”


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