Monday, May 4, 2009

Well, how did THAT happen?!

Orangutan is staring down the end of her first year of school. I think she is actually disappointed that school is ending "so soon." And I can understand why. She's the popular kid in class.

So how did THAT happen?

I was the Invisible Girl. The one you knew if you needed help with homework or a ride after track practice but other than that I didn't exist. I had my friends (all eight of us who ate lunch together every day) but I wasn't picking a name out of a hat for prom if you know what I mean.

Lion was part of a group of guys who probably held their own in high school but he wasn't a Jock himself. I think he was probably that guy between Jock and well, the other guy actually. And yes, that close nit tribe he ran with in high school is almost all relocated here to Atlanta too.

So how is it that my daughter, who talks entirely too much, is the popular kid in her PreK class? I didn't realize this was her status until I went to a birthday part at Chucky Cheeze yesterday. And yes, that's a rant filled blog in and of itself but I'm trying to stay focused. I walked into the party and met the host and hostess who were the sweetest people on the planet I think. Barbie and Ken right here in Suburbia!

As we were making small talk Ken (obviously not his real name which quite honestly I've forgotten! eek and shame on me!), noted that she is the friendliest, most talkative, helpful and delightful child in the class. To which Barbie replies, "Oh yes! S talks about her all the time! He just adores her!"

Fast forward fifteen minutes when we bump into another member of her class and his father. C reacts with typical girls are yucky fervor "Oh No!! Not M!!!" and his father turns seven shades of red, apologizes profusely, and adds, "But C really likes her. He talks about her all the time!"

Then there's the girls who flocked to her when they came in, and the little boy who follows her around like a puppy all day every day. "Please be my friend today?" Like he has to get permission to be her shadow every day?!

I don't understand. How did a child from a socially backward mother end up the popular kid in the class?

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I would almost rather she was invisi-kid like me. She wouldn't have the pressure of everyone's eyes. She wouldn't have to feel like a leader before her time. I could protect her from so much more if she was invisi-kid.

This motherhood thing just keeps getting harder.


Ragmansdaughter said...

If I remember correctly, you had guys calling the house asking to talk to you in kindergarten. (and first grade) There is still time for her to turn into as invisi-kid in high school.

Fer said...

I was the same way, and Olivia has always been really popular in her daycare classes. I think maybe it is because we teach our kids to be really nice and care about other kids and that is something little kids appreciate. It's not until they get older that it's cool to be punks and smart mouth brats. You might still get your invisi-kid =)

Amanda said...

She may end up being invisi-kid as she gets older. I was popular in elementary school, but then we changed school districts. The one we moved to was one where money mattered and we didn't have much. To make matters worse, I had a mind of my own and wasn't a follower. I found out after we graduated that people were actually jealous of me because I wasn't afraid to think for myself and vocalize it. Strange how things turn out.