Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well, I have No More Children!

Orangutan gave me some interesting news Saturday night.

"Mom, some day you aren't going to have any kids anymore."

"Really O? Why is that?"

"Because we'll all grow up and move away."

I let a little smirk show up. "You think you might know when that will be? 'Cause I'd like to mark the date on my calendar." I was halfway out the door when she piped up.

"I'm not quite sure but I think it might be April 23rd."

She gave herself, Rhino and Marmoset five days to grow up. I'll be forwarding their mail as soon as I get their new address.

The best part to me was that today is her first field trip with school. Apparently when you're old enough for a field trip you MUST be grown up. Have to love Kid Logic!


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That's too cute! If only it really worked that way.