Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Preemtive Panic Attack

Thank you. I needed to do that so that I don't do it in about three hours. What happens in three hours you ask? Thank you for caring. My home will have eight people in it. I will be the only one over eight years old. Unless you count the dog.

Let's take a roll call shall we?
K1 - 7 in a few days
K2 - 5
Orangutan - 5 (5 days younger than K2)
Rhino - 4 tomorrow
K3 - 3
Marmoset - 2 in two weeks
and R - 2 on Sunday.

What was I thinking? And I promised them that I would make chocolate chip cookies for snack. Did I mention that it's about to start raining any minute? Me and seven children. In the playroom. All afternoon.

It was nice blogging for you. I'll be in my padded cell tomorrow.


Wyndi said...

Thank you. I don't feel so bad about my day now. Although I would trade ya places in a heart beat and you can take a surly 14 yr old to the doctors today. I'm thinking your zoo full would be easier.

TheXMom said...

Okay, what did I miss.. When did you start having so many extras.. Are you copying me?? LOL!