Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh the Things a Blogger will Blog.

*Which should have the subtitle "She Hasn't Put the Leash Back On Yet"*
There are six children here today (in case you missed all my whining on Twitter) so I have not even thought about attempting any housework until the three visitors go home. Why would I even dream of running up a mudslide? So while they have been sweetly playing here in the playroom I have been supervising from my desk and Tweeting and following and stuff.
I took a minute to study my blogoversary ticker and my post counts and I am facing a decision.
It's 118 days until this blog turns 1. Who'd a thunk I would have made it this far? On top of that I only have 75 - well now 74 - posts until I hit 300. So here's the dilema.
Should I pace my posts so that I hit 300 on the anniversary? Should I shoot for 350 on my blogoversary? Or should I just celebrate one or the other?
And then you come to the fact that a little over a month later The Bowl will celebrate its blogoversary. To make 300 coincide with the blogoversary over there I would have to post 139 posts in 158 days. A little more do-able considering I take at least one day off during the weekend.
Of course then I'm looking at how to celebrate. I should try to host a giveaway or something but I don't have a clue how to do that or even what I would give away. Anybody want to make a donation or act as a coach?

This looks like a cool way to party!

I'm wondering if blogging is my therapy or if I need therapy for my blogging. I seem to think about this an awful lot. I was actually tossing this very problem around last night when I was supposed to be sleeping. That and what I would blog about if we started to have the severe storms that were forcasted for us. Then I started to freak out a little because what would I do if there were six children and no power.

Wait. Did I have a point? And what has happened to my playroom? I gotta run.


Jenni Jiggety said...

Blogging is therapy! And I say you celebrate each milestone individually!

Midwest Mommy said...

I totally agree with you on the is blogging my therapy or do I need therapy for my blogging, lol! Couldn't be more true.