Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mom Tip #63: Parenting Knows no Limits.

It is a whole new day at Zoo Suburbia. A day I never even imagined much less anticipated. Ladies and Gentlemen. Loyal Readers. Friends.

Lion and I are paying for poop.

Soak that in for a minute (or maybe not). We are paying for poop. Those of you who have been with the Zoo for a while know that Rhino is being particularly hard headed about the potty training issue. He turns four in a month and there is still no real consistency to his pottying except that you are consistently confused, frustrated, exasperated and beaten down.

Last night we may have had a break through. He was sitting on my lap and "broke wind" (that is such a weird phrase!) and suddenly jumped up and said, "Mom, I gotta go poop." Well, run like the wind little man! Fly away to the potty!

And he did his thing! Woo Hoo and Party at the Zoo! I made a HUGE deal of it and gave out celebration marshmallows and was all excited. Lion called and I let Rhino deliver the news and we had another celebration on the phone and Lion said those magic words, "I'll bring a surprise home for you!" And then he forgot.

Resourceful Lion that he is he took Rhino to the Lion's Den and snagged some pennies out of the change bowl. Then the wheeling and dealing started. "Hey Dad? If I pee and poop in the potty some more can I have more monies?" Sure pal! A penny for the pees and two pennies for the poops.

I have a working score card upstairs. I swear everytime he takes a sip of juice he is going to the bathroom to squeeze out two drops. Who would have ever imagined that I would pay for poop?
How much do you suppose this little trick would cost me?


Ragmansdaughter said...

So he sticks the "monies" in his money train. You stick the "monies" in a college fund, or savings account for college. Then when he is being especially annoying in college you can remind him of where the money came from. "This college education brought to you in part by Potty Training"!

Shannon said...

Gotta love it, potty training plus learning to negotiate!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by my page and giving your two cents. I liked this post it made me laugh. Is this your main site? I saw another blog page also.

Jo said...

My darling son finally mastered pooping in the toilet around his 4th birthday also - then decided he no longer needed to wear a diaper to bed. Ever. Despite our urging/begging. Even if we do manage to wrestle one on, he just pulls it off when we leave the room. Despite being unable to wake up and get to the toilet at night, even when we pick him up and sit him on it. STILL (he's 5 now!)

Anyway, in case you need them, have saved our lives. Good luck!

Fer said...

Sometimes I'm glad I have girls. Everyone I've ever talked to said boys are much harder to potty train. Isabelle just started going one day... we never really ever "trained" her.

Staci said...

You're getting off cheap, mine requested quarters for #2. I'm really not kidding either. Oh, and he was just shy of 4 when he finally decided to potty train too.

Sarah said...

It's a good thing you started with pennies and not quarters! So hoping we don't make it to 4 before our little guy gets his act together.

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

That's actually a pretty clever idea! Hmm...what can I bribe my 19 month old with.

Anonymous said...

Well that is awesome!!!! I never looked at it that way before...that is funny! When training Phillip we kept chocolate covered granola bars in the cupboard in the bathroom....the idea was to keep the most valuable edible motivator solely for poops! and those were his very favourite treats! We also had pictures of poop in the toilet to show him what we wanted him to do...the first time he did it i clapped for him gave him the granola bar and showed him the picture and said "you did it"....he threw the bar in the toilet and showed ME the picture and clapped! lol It was another year after that before he pooped in the toilet again!!! lol (Keep in mind though, my son has fragile-x and autism)
Tammy (OC)

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

That boy is going to be a politician!