Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Great Switch-a-Room Day 4: Part 2

Remember how I was supposed to be taping off the girls' room for painting? How I had a wonderful plan and all my supplies? Remember that?

Someone please tell me what happened! I got one wall to the 75% point and promptly ran out of painter's tape. That's ok. I'll just pick some up on my way home from picking Orangutan up from school. I can do this!

We made our Home Depot run (Homer owes me stock.) and headed for home. I distributed snacks and juices and set everyone to playing so sweetly together and headed for The Room. I finished off the last few stripes with a flourish and set to measuring out and marking off the second wall. Suddenly I had company. Lots of company. Three children, two dogs, a ladder, crib, rocking chair and two stinky butts. ::Sigh::

Buck up chick! I changed the butts, refilled some juices and reentered The Blasted Room. No sooner had I gotten positioned to mark off stripes under the window than I heard, "Oh No Mama! Juice down mess me!" Don't look. Don't look. Why is my sock wet? Crap!

There is Marmoset dripping oj and a puddle spreading around her feet. Derailed again. So I clean her up - again. I give her a new cup and try to resume my project. But by now the damage has been done. I am now subjected to a perpetual parade of "Mom! She snatched from me!" "Mom, he drew on the chair!" "Mom, she did it too!" Mom, Mom, Mom! So as I tuck my weary behind in bed I have gotten one wall taped off and the other started.

I would hold out hope for tomorrow but it's an early release day. Yeah. That's going to be a thrill a minute!


Michelle said...

I have seen that look MANY times! Is it an Uh-Oh kinda day? I am trying to do some Zoo catch up now that I am back on-line.