Friday, February 20, 2009

Can We Talk about Moving for a Minute?

No, the Zoo is not relocating to a suburb near you. I heard that collective sigh of relief! Don't think I won't remember this.

What I am talking about is moving children. We have been stalling on putting Rhino in his own big bed and moving Marmoset out of the crib. We really can't stall anymore because the child can put the side of the crib down and put herself to bed now. It sounds cool but I assure you it is not. That means that sooner than later she will figure out that her arms are long enough to reach down and release the catch thus freeing herself as well.

Now I know putting her in the toddler bed or her own big girl bed is not going to be much different but at least then I can retrain her. So we were investigating bunk beds. Grand Keeper and Silverback were going to get them so that Rhino could have his own bed for his birthday but they are 600 miles away so the logistics were killing us.

Then Lion called me today from work. Ms. M has a set of off white bunk beds with the mattresses, a dresser and a mirror that she will freecycle to us. We'll just owe her one. We can pick them up on Sunday.

Holy Housing Issues Batman! I have to prep two rooms for the grand swap-a-roo in less than 48 hours. Dismantle and stash the crib and rocking chair, sort through a butt load of clothes, find two more sets of bedding and (most importantly) come to grips with the fact that for the first time in 5 years there will not be a baby within our gates.

Do you know what this means? The next time I say, "If you're gonna throw a fit, you can just go sit!" to Marmoset, she'll actually have a place to sit. No more dragging a Rhino out from under his bed in the morning. Orangutan will actually be able to go to bed with someone who sleeps on her same schedule - not an hour and a half behind.

I can finally paint a boy room and a girl room. No more gender neutral. I could just about cry. But instead I think I'm going to go whip up a little cocktail and celebrate the fact that I am one step closer to no more diapers - EVER!

And that's exactly how immaculate their room will stay too.

Ouch! I think I just snorted vodka!



Amanda said...

Good luck! We've been putting off the move to a big bed here, but I think out days are numbered as well. The lil one is almost as long as the crib. Yes he's a little over 2 and his brother had decided he was done with the crib at an earlier age, but I do love the confines of those crib sides.

Fer said...

I swear if I hadn't had my kids so close that my kids would have stayed in cribs until they were 5 =) Bedtime was so much more awesome when they were in a crib. I wish I could paint their rooms too. They are hideous. I've been tempted to ask the landlady if we could paint them, but I'm afraid she was the one that barfed on the wall to begin with and I don't want to offend her.

Shannon said...

My LO is 2 1/2 & still in his crib, I've tried to talk him into sleeping with the side off, it's a convertable, but NO. He loves the security he feels. I would love(I think) to get him out of his crib so that he could just get himself up(lazy I know) Good Luck on the big swap, sounds kind of exciting, we havent done a change around in a long time, probably due soon...

MooreMagnets said...

Each time we have moved the boys to big boy beds we have taken them out to pick out a new comforter - It has definately helped to transition them and make them feel like big boys!

Good Luck - I hope they like their new spaces!!