Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Cold and Flu Season! Yay!

The Orangutan had to miss school today. She wasn't happy about it but 4 hours last night dedicated to coughing fits and serious shoestring snots (you wanted to know about that didn't you?) left this Zookeeper with no choice. She was staying home.

I went to the bathroom closet in the middle of the night looking for something to help relieve the cough and found bupkis. Remember the whole children's cold medicines scare last year about this time? Well, yours truly purged everything. So the cupboard was bare. Well what else can we do?

No Vicks to be found. No eucalyptus oil. No nothing! So for four hours I laid beside her in bed trying to keep her upright enough to sleep at least a little. And of course as long as I'm not sleeping I might as well "brain blog," right? No need to let four hours go to waste!

Now I've read that a lot of you are facing cold and flu season and I want to know. What have you been using? Did you say "Bump it!" and break out the old children's meds? Did you call your Great Aunt Gracie Lou (twice removed) and ask her for the family mustard poultice remedy? Just how exactly are you handling cold and flu this year in regards to your children?

I would appreciate your help - the Rhino's horn just disappeared under some green shoestrings of his own.


Jess @ NBP said...

OH NO poor kiddies! I hope they start feeling better. Well we haven't had to deal with any of that YET! But we keep tylenol handy along with a thing called Virus it's like that airbrone stuff.

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

We still have a bottle of prescription cough medicine from our ped. I'm holding onto that for dear life until it expires. I've also heard a teaspoon of honey works good.

jennifer said...

I had some Donatussin the doc gave me for a while, but I think it's expired now. Plus once my kids hit a certain age, that stuff is like speed. It knocks most people out, but mine become maniacs. Maybe your doc would call something into the pharmacy without an appt? I have the benefit of a doc here at work that will prescribe stuff for me if I really need it and can't get the kids to the ped.

Michelle said...

It is probably too late for this to help you at all, but when we were fighting colds over Christmas break I used tylenol/motrin to control the fevers like I used to. I used mucinex for kids. It is in a powder form and the girls don't complain about taking it at all. It works wonders.

Anonymous said...

As a dad and a doctor, I find children’s cough and cold medications a very scary topic. I used believe the drug companies, and think that as long as my patient’s or I dosed the children’s cold & cough medications right, then everything would be OK. But when I researched this further, it turns out that children have died from “over dose” of ALL THE MAJOR CHILDRENS COLD AND COUGH MEDICINES even when given the correct dose.

The number of infant deaths attributed to cold and cough medicines is dramatically underreported. New research published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics demonstrated that there were at least “10 unexpected infant deaths that were associated with cold-medication” in 2006 alone in the state of Arizona. Extrapolated over the US and Canadian population, that would be over 500 deaths a year associated with cold-medication! (

The FDA recently said that they do not want to pull the medications for children under 6 because they are afraid that parents will give children adult doses because “parents would have no other alternatives.” The truth is that the American Academy of Pediatrics has said that buckwheat honey is a safe alternative.

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