Saturday, January 31, 2009

Changing the World One Blog at a Time

If any of you are fans of my other blog The Bowl, you know how I feel about people helping people. The whole world would be a better place if people would look outside of themselves at least once a day and perform som act of random kindness.

Well, there is one team in particular that has accepted this mission is such a huge way that I think you all need to thank them. Over at MomDot, Trisha of MomDot, Kim of Accidental Mommies, and Jane of Mom Generations have teamed up to create Bloggers Give.

Bloggers Give is a way for bloggers to give back to society through their passion for blogging. Review bloggers and companies and bloggers who simply have boutiques or connections are collecting and donating goods to be used for various nonprofit and charitable organizations. Right now all donations are going to benefit Courageous Kids, a camp for children with disabilities to give them a chance to just be children without worries or cares about their challenges.

Any of you who knew me before children know that camp life is a HUGE part of my past. I dedicated seven summers to camp life and working with children of all colors, creeds, beliefs and backgrounds. There is nothing like giving a child unconditional love and fun for a week. Nothing.

This is an incredible opportunity to help a little corner of our world. If you are a blogger, a company, an individual. If you have a heart and a desire to help, check out Bloggers Give and do your part for some very deserving children.


The POSHpreneur said...

I love this whole thing! It is such a fab way to give back!