Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boredom Buster from the Zoo!

I don't know about the rest of you but now that the holidays are over, a lack of activity only makes EVERYONE (mom included) very crabby. Ratatouille only helped for so long today so I went back in my memory bank (waaaaaay back) and pulled a little boredom buster from my childhood. Hope it helps you through at least one Saturday this winter!

FYI! If your birds aren't terribly greedy and don't destroy your pinecones, you can refill them a few times before you have to throw them away.

Need some more Boredom Busters? Check out my pal Sandy's blog Just for Fun! She has some really awesome arts, crafts and family activities.



Wyndi said...

thats just too cute. she did a great job on her bird feeders. go Little miss Orangutan.

sandy said...

Thank you Sarah! I love doing bird feeders with the kids. The last time we made tham, the squirrels carried them away!

specmomsolution said...

We hung ours on the kitchen shutter.

Aww, the chickadees were so CUTE!

THWACK!What was THAT?!

Peering out our window we discovered a chickadee on the ground.

One must have flew right into the glassw window...he was stunned. He fluffed his heathers and looked at me, stupid human....I am reporting you to the bird authorities...

Note to self birds can see through windows...and think they are doorways.

Sorry little guy!

sandy said...

I have some bloggy love for you!