Thursday, December 4, 2008

Think Sandy Knows Me?

Sweet Sandy! My fellow Penn State fan! A woman after my own heart! She gave me an award that I will gladly accept with all my mouth. It involves chocolate people!

Here are the rules for accepting this delicious award:

1. You must eat a piece of chocolate in honor of accepting The Octamom Award.
2. You must eat yet another piece of chocolate when you put the award on your blog.
3. You must visit Debi B., who designed the award, and leave her a comment, because she deserves props for a chocolate award!!
4. Try to stop by those that were awarded...because they deserve love too!
5. Add or Subtract the rules at your leisure, except the parts about chocolate!
6. And if you are reading this post and you feel like you need a little chocolicious goodness in your life, right about now: feel free to award yourself the Octamom Award and eat a piece of chocolate!

So the question is who do I award? I have so many of you who deserve it! So here's the deal - if you are one of my 18 stalkers or if you frequent by blog and are too lazy to hit the follow me button then you may take a piece of chocolate and this award! But you have to leave a comment (and I will be checking!) and tell me what your favorite chocolate is - for me it's Lindt Milk Chocolate truffles (mailing address e-mailed on request!)

Have a wonderful day my friends! Take a minute today and do a little something for yourself. Just call it a Me Thursday (if it sounds like a holiday you're more likely to participate)!