Friday, December 19, 2008

A Quick Stop Over in Madagascar!

Everyone together now...I like to move it, move it! And now that I have that stuck in your head for the rest of the day...You're welcome!

A lot of my bloggy friends are struggling with overwhelming snow, ice and general nastiness right now so I thought I would let them take a virtual trip south of the Equator into summer time again. It's the peak of summer on this now famous African island.

Tratry ny Krismasy - or "be caught by Christmas!" I think we call all feel the net closing a little right now so it only seems appropriate that we share the traditional Madagascan greeting. What intrigued me was the traditional response. Samy ho tratry ny ho avy isika - "May we all be caught by the next one!" And it truly is a response that we want to come true if you think about it. May we all be here together again next year!

Decorations in Madagascar are modest. Pine trees aren't native to the island and deforestation is a real environmental concern so the decor of a Christmas tree is avoided. Poinsettias are actually grown as shrubs and bloom all year - not just for Christmas. How pretty must that be?!

The big guy is called Dadabe Noely but is a thin version of our Santa Claus. He doesn't bring lavish or huge amounts of gifts. As a matter of fact, most children are content with a few new clothes and some hard candy.

The real celebration is the Christmas Eve service at the churches. Many start as early as five o'clock and go until well past midnight. The whole family is involved and the children are featured as carolers and performers in plays and presentations. On Christmas Day folks may go back to church for another service or they may spend the day picnicking or at the beach.

I'm on a roll today so make sure you stop back in a little while for a visit to Kenya. I'm liking this summery weather - sure beats the gray outside my house!


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