Monday, September 22, 2008

Mom Tip #47

Your children got a mission and they chose to accept it.

To undo everything you have done with in seconds of completing it.

It started with the dishwasher. I was unloading and putting everything away. Munch was pulling all the Tupperware out of the cabinet behind me.

Then it was the living room. I put toys in the cabinet; she took all the pillows off the furniture. I put the pillows back; she took all the blankets off the fireplace. I folded and put the blankets back; she took all the toys out of the cabinet.

Moving on to the bedrooms, beds were unmade while shoes were put away. Stuffed animals were put in the laundry basket while beds we remade. Shoes went for a walk around the house while stuffed animals were sorted back out and put on their respective beds.

And speaking of the laundry basket! No need to sort while she’s around. The dirty stuff will end up in the dryer. The clean stuff will end up on the floor and the wet stuff will end up under the comforter on my bed. ::sigh:: I sorted it all out, got a load going and trudged to my room to fold. She insists on being on the bed while I am in the room. This was the perfect timing to unfold each pile, knock as much as possible on the floor, and smile and laugh the whole time.

I gave up. How can she undo vacuuming? So I started only to have the vacuum go dead in my hand. She had unplugged me. Not once but three times. I would plug it in, walk back to the vacuum, start it up and maybe get two passes in before it went dead.

Remember how I said that there were some days when you just were not going to get anything done? Today is one of those.



Jennifer said...

This would be why I usually don't even bother until the girls go to bed. Yeah, I lack some serious sleep, but at least my head hasn't popped off yet.

Sissy said...

I'll say a prayer that you handle it all better than I do :)

5BabyBees said...

I remember those days! LOL

Bethany said...

Has she been talking to the gang?

Tena said...

Man can I relate to this problem. My mom always thinks I am nuts because I have to pick up a few times a day, drives me crazy to try and work my way through the maze that has become the play room. My mom tells me I should just do it once a day, I wish my brain would allow this.

JenniBeanV said...

There are many days where I think it is just best to sit and read blogs instead of cleaning up after the boys!

Rebekah said...

Geez I think our daughters were seperated at birth, the only difference between your day and mine is that my husband will have the nerve to come home and wonder loudly why nothing got done, but I was "busy" all day.