Friday, August 1, 2008

Mom Tip #30

There is a nudist in every family.

I really hate to be the one to break this news. But there is!

The nudist is the child who hears the word bath and his clothes vaporize. He doesn’t beeline for the tub though. All he really wanted was a reason. Now he will begin to wildly sprint laps around the house waving his arms above his head shouting a combination of “You can’t catch me!” and “I’m FREEEEEEE!”

The nudist child is the one who you sent to the bathroom and when you went to check on the progress all you found was a set of clothes on the floor. Child is now MIA. When you finally find him after a neighborhood search he will scream like Death is after him when you suggest he put clothes back on.

The nudist is the child who will suddenly, randomly (and usually in front of dinner guests) walk up to you – naked of course – and ask for a snack and a drink. Nudist Child finds it perfectly acceptable to be himself regardless of who might be in the house.

May I make a suggestion? Don’t ask why. I did once and the answer I got was so matter of fact and obvious that I was left speechless for an hour.

Son, why won’t you keep your clothes on?!

“You don’t make the dog wear clothes!”

I guess if the dog’s naked, we should all be naked!


PeanutMM said...

Two in my family. Last night I had two naked littled girls running at full speed with both of the dogs chasing them.

Jennifer said...

That would be my Isabelle. She'll get naked and then stand in front of the TV and shake her booty.