Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Zookeeper's Response

Dear S.M. Rhino,

I understand your frustration with the seemingly useless behavior of Orangutan and Marmoset. Unfortunately Orangutan is correct; they will never leave the zoo. While they may leave the confines of the front gate, their hearts will always be a part of the zoo. And regardless of hunt status and food procurement skills the lion and zookeeper will always be present as well.

I would advise you to make the most of your current living arrangements by learning climbing skills from Orangutan and teaching your dirt construction skills to Marmoset. In moments of extreme frustration may I suggest that you abstain from your headbutting as your horn and very sound skull can inflict pain to others.

Thank you for understanding that the current exhibits are permanent and new or replacement exhibits are not planned.

The Zookeeper