Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mom Tip #27 - Cheap Entertainment

Believe it or not, good entertainment now comes pretty cheap.

Take this scene from last fall.

1 72 gallon blue Rubbermaid tub
1 6 foot neon orange jump rope with wooden monkeys for handles
1 Red Radio Flyer tricycle
1 3 year old boy
1 4 year old girl; and just for good measure
1 very hyper Jack Russell Terrier.

Take all of the above and put them at the top of a hill. Insert boy in tub holding one end of the rope. Allow girl to tie the other end of the rope to the back of the tricycle. Place girl on tricycle which is backed up against the front of the tub. Pose dog in attack pose in front of tricycle. Let go and allow gravity to do its thing.

End result. Tricycle holding girl starts down the hill at a rapidly increasing pace. Dog attempts to bite front tire and gets head run over by not one but 2 wheels. Tricycle comes to the end of the jump rope and jerks boy out of the tub which was apparently lodged against a rock during loading to prevent premature motion. Said rock was not moved before launch. As boy slams into the pile of leaves in front of the tub (safety first you know!), jump rope is torn from his hands. Bright orange wooden monkey is now carving a glorious arc through the crisp fall sky toward the bullseye on the back of girl’s head. As monkey makes contact girl remembers that tricycle does not have brakes and slams into deck railing.

You may ask yourself “Where’s the entertainment in that?”

They all jumped up and said “Let’s do THAT again!!”


Jennifer said...

Ahhh, makes me wish I was a kid again. =)