Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mom Tip #14 - Super Mom!

There is a Super Mom and you are her!

I know you think that this is a lie but I promise it is true. You are Super Mom so go ahead and make your cape.

Who else but a mom can be fueled by pure caffeine and sugar and the occasional bite of leftovers from a toddler’s plate? We are the definition of fuel efficient.

And who else but a mom can operate on 3 hours of barely asleep sleep? You know the sleep – just asleep enough to call it sleep but awake enough to hear every noise and missed breath. And don’t get me started on where we sleep. Who knew that over sized paisley stuffed elephant your sister in law bought would make such a great pillow? By the way, just how much of your body can you cover with a crib size blanket?

Who else but a mom can prep a bottle while balancing a 20 pound baby on one hip, packing a lunch, making breakfast and pouring juice? Multi tasking in an office (you know, talking on the phone while e-mailing and printing) is child’s play after becoming a mom.

You can do more with 15 minutes than Superman, Spiderman and the Green Lantern can combined. You can sort and start laundry, make beds, wipe noses, put on shoes, empty and reload the dishwasher and read a board book in less time than it takes your hubby to take a shower.

You, Super Mom, have learned how to shower in under 5 minutes and can probably pack a diaper bag in your sleep.

Your friends are right. You don’t HAVE to be Super Mom. But when you’re this good at something, why give it up?


lanib said...

Funny Stuff, Sarah!! It's been a while since I've had to pack a diaper bag and balance a baby on my hip ....but I remember it well! Funny thing is - I can't say I "miss" it ... but I am really looking forward to having grandchildren!! It will be so nice to re-live the awe and wonder on those little faces - and then send them home so I can sleep through the night!! LOL